Monday, October 24, 2011

Make your own toy car


timothy said...

it's alive. glad to see you haven't abandoned this space. it's humbling to see what we take for granted with purchasing power, but also inspiring to see this ingenuity in action.

i was just glossing over some of your previous posts, and there's some great stuff that i'll have to go back and reread.

DK said...

treadwell...hope to bring it back.

also: previewed your text. DM if there is any chance to beta test some material advance screening style

timothy said...

terrific stuff re: the site's reemergence.

i'll publish another excerpt soon. due to some inconvenience, most of the document was/is written longhand in a series of moleskins, using my phone as a reference tool. i still have to compile it in uniform text and revise it, but i'd be happy to send it to you for comment/criticism before i pass it along to my copy-editor. i'll dm when it's clever.

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